Dr. Mason's views onFree Speech

This, one of our most important and cherished human rights, is under siege in America and here in Utah. Huge platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and its parent company, Google, are limiting free speech, labeling ideas with which they disagree politically, as misinformation or disinformation, and barring such speech from their platforms. These companies are supposed to be neutral and allow any ideas that are not illegal. They receive government protection against litigation for that reason. They are, in fact, publishers, picking and choosing what they allow and transmit, and should be treated like any other publisher. They should lose government protection against litigation, and should be open to lawsuits for the decisions they make regarding content.Government agencies, too, are getting into the act, requesting more censorship. Even some Utah Republicans have labeled people of the other party as traitors to the country for voicing opinions with which they disagree. We must stand firm to support and protect our right to freely voice our opinions without fear of persecution or slander.

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